Why is it heavy?

Firstly a good cast iron cookware and pans should be quite heavy. It has to be thick-based. More heat absorbent (Yutan) cast iron, because it is thick is designed in a structure that reaches equal cooking degree from each point. A good cast-pan cookware; LAVA products and as stated in international standards, 5 mm base, 4 mm side surface thickness should be.

Why does it add flavor?

No cooking bowl on January, LAVA cast iron pans, cookware and derivatives are not as excellent as cooking dishes. Thick-based LAVA pots and pans; It is made of cast iron material with a low specific temperature.

Lava Casting iron pots and pans; It has a structure that reaches equal cooking degrees from all points because it is both very angry and thick.

Barbecue flavor Meat

The point of cooking is that the frying pan is the temperature of the pot. In this respect, cast iron is unique. So much so that a meat cooked in a barbeque is delicious in any Teflon pan, and the meat that is cooked in LAVA cast iron grill is very tasty. Even understanding the difference can be quite difficult.

Non-stick, seals…

LAVA Cast iron Grill the meat cooked in the pans never sticks to the pan, there are two reasons for it. First, the high temperatures on the surface of the pan are mountains or seals on the surface of the meat. The flavour of the sealed food remains in the water and all the nutritional values. (Creates a dry and hard layer in a short time or blins briefly) Thus, even if the meat sticks at the first moment, it leaves itself in two or three minutes (when the moisture on the surface is gone). Secondly, thanks to the grilling channels on the surface of the pan, only a portion of the meat is in contact with the pan, thus it is easily separated from the pan and is composed of pleasant burn lines on the flesh.

More healthy and tasty meals…

LAVA Casting iron pots and pans; For each recipe, for example, soups, roasts, grills, rice, casseroles and desserts, cakes, quiches, and baked recipes such as breads are also available for cooking. Cast iron is suitable for all kinds of cooking techniques. The heat requires long baking over low heat to spread evenly across the entire surface; It provides excellent cooking in dishes such as stew, stew, olive oil and so on. In the same way the meat cooked with cast iron grill, vegetables are embers.

No loss of vitamins, minerals and Aroma.

The steam, which is composed in pots, focuses on the LAVA special cover design and is again mixed with food. When the cooking methods are used correctly, they not only produce great flavors and flavors, but also contribute to a healthy diet by ensuring the best protection of the nutrients in your food.

Traditional cooking

LAVA Casting Iron enamel cookware and pans are also effective for cooking on the traditional low heat, as much as for scalding at high surface temperature, the choice is yours..

The heat is warm, the cold keeps cool

LAVA cast iron enamel cookware and pans have the ability to effectively protect the temperature. You will also have the advantage of lowering the settings for both the stove and the baked cookers. At the table, a lid LAVA cooker will keep the food temperature to serve for the second time.
It can also be useful for frozen food. LAVA Casting iron can be used to keep food cold in cooking and serving containers. When the cookware is stored in the refrigerator for a short period of time, it will keep the dish sufficiently cold to serve your cold food varieties on a hot summer day.

Practical and easy to clean.

Cast iron pan cookers; Thanks to the high enamel coating technology found in only a few companies in the world, the dishwasher is washed, practical and easy to clean. For this reason, it is more durable, more useful and technically superior than the enamel structure of other competitors.

Perfect fit and high quality

Advanced and new technology machines, state-of-the-art processes, experience accumulation and high quality in LAVA casting pots and pans… Technically, marrying with enamel is a very laborious and arduous task, as for the cause; Since the expansion coefficients of the two are different, the cast material that is dilated inside the coating will crack the hull after the baking.
But LAVA’s enamel technology; It has a enamel coating facility which has several companies in the world. For this reason, it is more durable, more useful and technically superior than the enamel structure of other competitors. 3 coats of applied email;
The primer process on the 1st floor will provide a perfect finish to protect your products from corrosion.
2. Black enamel thrown in the inner part of the floor; It will prevent adhesion, keep scratch resistance high and create a flavor layer.
3. and 4th Floor Enamel will protect against external factors, presenting an excellent visual feast in the presentation. Thanks to its high-tech enamel structure; Practical and easy to clean. It can be washed in the dishwasher. You will not experience any performance problems.

Color and assortment, stylish designs

The variety of stylish designs and enamelled coatings provide complementary decorative features for use in the kitchen or in the dining room; It creates a sleek, modern look and provides excellent surface finish. The black matte enamel on the inner surface prepares you for the real flavor. In addition to its high product diversity, the LAVA design team develops continuous products for your needs.

Available in all cookers and furnace types.

LAVA Casting iron cookware and pans are available in all heat sources. Gas, electric, solid or radiant plates, glass-ceramic, vitro-ceramics, induction and gas, oil, coal or wood cookings. Should not be used in microwave ovens.

Ergonomic handles

Cast iron and stainless steel grips are aesthetic appearance. It is designed in the most ergonomic structure for you to handle and grasp comfortably. Suitable for use in all types of stove and oven (except microwave). Oh, careful. Hot during cooking. A dry thick cloth or oven glove should be used when holding it manually.

Environmentally friendly

Cast iron is an environmentally friendly material that is 100% recyclable. It also saves energy because it retains heat for a long period of time.

Nesilden LAVA

LAVA Casting iron pots and pans are long lasting. With proper handling and maintenance, you can use your pots and pans in your lifetime kitchen; You can even leave your children as a pleasant memory to your grandchildren.

Casting pots and pans are the first and only Turkish brand to have world standards.

* Certificates of conformity to European, American and German standards
* RoHS has REACH documents and does not contain substances harmful to human health.
* LFGB – Complies with German food standards.
* FDA-complies with American food standards.
* 84/500/EEC – complies with European food standards.
* Cold citric acid, boiling citric acid, boiling water, water vapor, detergent tests have passed successfully.
* CE Conformity Certificate
* ISO 9001


It challenges years. The most durable cooking utensils are known. LAVA is the way of transferring the same tastes from generation to generation with health.

Natural LAVA

Lava cast iron pots and pans are natural cooking utensils that are most compatible with human and environment. The world’s highest quality cast iron and international standard enamels are combined in LAVA technology facilities. No harmful additives.

Healthful LAVA

The secret to cooking delicious and healthy comes from the fact that nature does not allow something else to mix into the unique flavors it offers to people. It does not interact with food. The channels in the special design covers collect the steam formed during the cooking process and turn it back into the dish. Thus, nutritional values are preserved.

Forceful LAVA

From soups to roasts, to cake and bread, there is a LAVA which cooks all meals easily with a unique taste. On cast iron, stove, oven or if you like on directly fire, LAVA is suitable for all cooking techniques. Because the heat is spread evenly on the entire surface, requiring long cooking over low heat; It provides excellent cooking in dishes such as stew, stew, olive oil and so on. Meat barbecues cooked with cast iron, vegetables are embers.

Healthful LAVA

The weight of the cast iron comes from the quality. Weight comes from the quality of the cast iron. It is heavy on load but ideal for light and healthy flavors. Can be used on all heat sources and easily washed in the dishwasher Lava cast iron pots and pans are natural cooking utensils that are most compatible with human and environment. All LAVA products, cast iron and age is manufactured in Turkey with its high standards and advanced technology from the enamel.