Casting Department

High degree of stability
• Smooth surface, sharp details
• Medium and High quantity production

Automatic moulding lines
• Sinto FBOIII, mould dimensions: 500x600mm.
• disamatic Disa MATCH, mould dimensions: 600x700mm.

Modern Melting/Induction Furnace
• Melting Capacity: Dual Track 1ton/hour.

Automatic Sand Preparation Plant
• CNC controlled, automatic, 90ton/SAA

Various surface preparation processes
• Sandblasting, grinding material: pig iron, GG15-20, GGG40

Enamel section

High quality products from LAVA

Enamel coating adds value to your products, differentiates from other competitors. It is washable, cleanable and provides excellent surface finish. Standard casting process and products are passed through various laboratory tests and documented in all phases.

• Three different enamel coating plants
• For cast grills
• Automatic and robotic enamel coating for all kinds of color cookware and pans
• Manual Hand Painting
• Enamel will population the entire surface.
• All surfaces consist of an enamel layer of equal thicknesses.
• Gives excellent surface finish and soft/soft touch sensation.
• Continuity of quality with process automation.
• Thermal shock resistance at high standards (>= 3xdelta T 380 °c)
• High degree of retention on the surface of the Dın 51155, 2mm/20n. Max. and E.E.A. Spec. 8.6.3.
• High level of acid resistance minimum class A, Iso 2722/EN ISO 8290
• Smooth surfaces that can be cleaned in matte colors
• Continuous same brightness and tint
• Color diversity: Matte, semi-matte or glossy
• High heat Resistance: 3 hours at 400 °c
• Silicone Plug: 3 hours at 230 °c

Design Department

With its top-level experienced staff, it offers you the most appropriate solutions.

• Defining technical details on product and concept
• 3d CAD and design work
• Modelling (when required)
• Approval of the design
• Prototype production
• Approval of the prototype
• Defining technical specifications and procedures
• Test Production
• Pre-mass production approval
• Mass production